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(solved) No X after updating

i was using nvidia-dkms, when installing nvidia-dkms it say:
dkms error! there is no instance of nvidia 387.34 for kernel  4.9.78-1-lts (x86-64) located in the DKMS tree.
No kernel 4.14.15-1-Artix modules . you must install them to use dkms!

what is strange is that i dont have any linux kernel 4-14-15-1 i just have 4.9.78-1-lts
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Re: No X after updating

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You need Nvidia-LTS for the lts kernel or use linux-ck + nvidia-ck or even linux+nvidia the stock Arch kernel nvidia setup versions need to match.

Re: No X after updating

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thanks!!! i installed nvidia-lts and now X are working!!!