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Minidlna use systemd.


Re: minidlna

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There may be an even simpler solution: I tested the software on a Devuan Ascii: just an install from the repository automatically included by Devuan...
sudo apt-get install minidlna
did the trick.
It included a standard Init-SysV script to be found in /etc/init.d
OpenRC can handle that, it worked right immediately.
You can download the source files from, unpack it, ./configure with the right options and  compile it (make, sudo make install)
The tar package includes a sample LSB init script. If you are good at it, you could make an AUR package of it :-)
Good luck. André

Re: minidlna

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The problem is: In Artix the /lib/lsb/init-functions are not implemented. It seems adherence to LSB standards could help....
Devuan ascii has implemented it.  Is there a package for LSB functions? I have found none so far.

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To all of you: hello
I have created a very minimalistic init script for you. It is tested and it works without any trouble.

Make sure you have the latest mirrorlist and pacman -Syu updates.
Then you install minidlana, it comes from some repo ready for Arix, but it provides no init-script.
sudo pacman -S minidlna

Now read this:

The Open-RC INIT script:
A very simplistic, minimal init script for OpenRC and minidlna
(Derived from file: /etc/init.d/ntpd)

Configuration File:

PID File:

8192 --> should be higher. i.e.:
echo 16384 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches:

The Init Script:
# Copyright 1999-2016 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# A very simple script to run minidlna, created for Artix Linux, Andre Kiepe 29-04-2018

description="minidlna - the minidlna multimedia server daemon"

depend() {
   use net dns logger

start_pre() {
   if [ ! -f /etc/minidlna.conf ] ; then
      eerror "Please create /etc/minidlna.conf"
      return 1
   return 0

Set up service to autostart:
sudo sudo rc-update add minidlna

Start/Stop service:
sudo rc-service minidlna start
sudo rc-service minidlna stop

I hope I have not violated any copyright or whatever rule. It's just there to help you.
Tested on Sun, 29-APR-2018: Works perfectly well