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artix along with windows 10

I'd like to install artix along with windows 10 (on an older but still very good sony vaio, which is only bios aware no efi or uefi). I've tried along with an existing win 10 installation using the manjaro bspwm edition (with the idea in mind to migrate after the installation to artix but keeping the sweet bspwm setup on the manjaro installer). But it did not work, since i couldn't create an 5th primary partition (the windos 10 installation already took 4. This with  parted (gparted).

Now, my question is, what did i wrong? Most of the how to's i found pointed to efi aware computers.

A small question aside: Is it a good idea to install first manjaro bspwm and then migrate to artix (following your instructions?

Please consider, i'm kind of an average linux user (my experiences are mostly slackware related).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: artix along with windows 10

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Only 4 primary partitions are allowed in standard MBR media. I'm guessing Win10 demands at least 1 system and 1 windows partition, so the other 2 you see are perhaps recovery and data or utilities partitions. You can possibly delete the least needed of them (take a backup first!), resize around it as necessary and create an extended partition in its stead, wherein you can create as many linux and swap partitions as you like.

Once you've got your installation space, either Artix or Manjaro should be able to install, go with Manjaro and migration only if Artix fails.

Take a backup first!

Re: artix along with windows 10

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You can use a extended partion and have may more partitions on it the only draw back is you can't boot from a extended partition directly.

Re: artix along with windows 10

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Thanks a lot for the replies. The problem is Win 10 takes 4 primary partitions. I'm not a win expert, unfortunately i need it to use some teaching specific software (e.g. Epson whiteboard ecc.).

@nous Ok, i see your idea. Yep, i think one partition is for recovery. May be, i'll delete that (and create a recovery device instead).

@mandog That means, i would have to boot linux through windows? Would that work?

Otoh, i'm not sure how to install and use it properly in virtualbox or quemu (the latter was a pita, for me, because of the endless commandline commands ;) ). The machine is the last generation of Sony Vaio, icore 7 and 32 gig of ram; should be able to run win 10 decently in emulation?

Re: artix along with windows 10

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Just my two cents here.

I have a Lenovo T61 with 4GiB of ram and a 2.0 GHz processor; I have run Manjaro Openrc while emulating Mac's Snow Leopard. So, I reckon your Sony Vaio will do fine emulating windows 10 from Artix, with QEMU or Virtualbox.

I recommend using QEMU for speed, but needs some advanced terminal usage to get usb passthrough to work. Virtualbox is great for getting all the extra functionality just working (usb passthrough, copy/paste from or to host, hotpluging, and more),  but is slower and out of kernel tree.

Always backup.

If you format your whole drive with GPT (Partition table), you can install windows on top of that (Windows defaults to MBR unless the disk already has GPT) and then shrink the main partition down. Then install Artix on the side, with or without LUKS encryption (For Linux only though. I've tried to get GRUB to open a veracrypt/truecrypt container of Windows for an acquaintance, but have not succeeded.), and have grub to choose between windows and Artix.

Pro tip: You can configure your Grub to infinitely wait for you to choose which OS to load so it won't auto load the last OS you used  in five seconds.

Always backup.

With GPT as your partition table I believe you can have more than 4 primary partitions. (It has been a while but I used to have 4 or 5 OS including Windows XP on one HDD. :p So much testing; I had three partitions that bi-weekly got reinstalled with daily live CDs, lol.)

You might have to do manual partitioning for Artix for GPT on BIOS computers. I know I have. Calemares uses MBR for BIOS and GPT for UEFI; which made sense when we supported 32-bit because older computers only supported booting from MBR and not GPT. As far as I know, all 64-bit computers can boot from GPT though, and there have been viruses that hide in the spaces between partition on MBR. I'll look for a link.

Maybe we can get the devs to change to GPT partitioning only in the next iteration of live install media.

Hope for your success. Good luck!

EDIT: Grammer/typos. PS: Always backup.

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Thanks a lot for sharing and explaining your experiences. Some are way above my capabilities, so my questions probably are ingenuous (?):

i think a can set gparted to use a gpt partition table but as far as i see, i'll have to create some (or may be at least one) partition(s)? When i then install win 10, won't it delete all and return to it's default way (mbr)?

(the vaio isn't (u)efi aware but bios only).

In any case, my win 10 installation got shut down (though i have a rebuild usb - and, i saved before all user related content, so, save some customization not that much of a deal).

May be the parallel installation (dual boot) is more a sportive task for practical use emulation would be sufficient ... (?)

Re: artix along with windows 10

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Once you've got your installation space, either Artix or Manjaro should be able to install, go with Manjaro and migration only if Artix fails.

Hm, i tried out, from a stick, the manjaro  bspwm installation iso. And frankly, i like it a lot and, i'm afraid it would take me  pretty much time to arrive at that identical level of customization. Is there a way to install artix natively and then to install on top of that the identical bspwm setup?

Because i'm lazy, my idea was to ínstall the manjaro version first and then to migrate ... ;)

Re: artix along with windows 10

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It's easier to install manjaro and its customizations and then migrate to artix.

Re: artix along with windows 10

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It's easier to install manjaro and its customizations and then migrate too artix.

Thanks a lot. I'll go that way (and point to use win 10 in virtualbox. Effectively although i did a gpt partition table for the hd, win 10 always reverts back to mbr style ...)


I use xmonad in slackware (since  a tiling wm is great if you're doing translations and text editing ;). Now, i got curious about bspwm. Probably it's simpler ... (??) ).