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Topic: VLC vlc 3.0.1-2 upgrade from [Extra] segfault (Read 206 times) previous topic - next topic
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VLC vlc 3.0.1-2 upgrade from [Extra] segfault

does anyone else get a segmentation fault when running the VLC upgrade (pacman -Syu or pacman -Sy vlc)
by building it manually it also fails in the same stage, at the last command in the PKGBUILD:
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   install -Dm 644 "${srcdir}/update-vlc-plugin-cache.hook" -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/libalpm/hooks"
it still installs the package (with the same segfault), but vlc then segfaults at launch

Plasma/KDE wasnt launching and it took me a while to realize it was the vlc upgrade since I was using the vlc phonon backend. Went back to 2.2.8 and everything's fine again

also VLC depends on systemd[-dummy] which is an annoyance

Re: VLC vlc 3.0.1-2 upgrade from [Extra] segfault

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I've been having segmentation faults when attempting to play videos while using the gtk2 style and having the libnotify plugin enabled. I'm not sure if this has any relation to the problem you're having. VLC went complete qt5 in the newest version, which could explain all these new issues. I can get VLC to launch fine without systemd-dummy, but that may be because I'm using a different desktop environment (XFCE).

Re: VLC vlc 3.0.1-2 upgrade from [Extra] segfault

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My plasma and vlc runs just fine. vlc doesn't depend on systemd.

I suggest you delete the
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I think your crash is related to some interface setting or so.

Re: VLC vlc 3.0.1-2 upgrade from [Extra] segfault

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weird that i get segfault on pacman -Syu (when updating vlc) though