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Thinkpad X130E, apparent battery troubles.

Hey everybody! I finally bought a new netbook, a Lenovo Thinkpad X130E, but I'm struggling to get Linux going on it, it keeps saying "Operating system not found" when I install it. I've done two installs, trying a third right now after messing around with some settings... It would appear I can't get it to work in UEFI, only in BIOS, but I'm struggling to do that.

Do any of you have a Thinkpad X130E?

It would appear, in UEFI, the GRUB menu won't load... I hit the down arrow twice, then hit enter, and it booted the USB :D :D :D 
I have it running in UEFI, apparently it doesn't wanna run in BIOS, that's okay though!

It would appear my battery won't charge past 70%, that's what I get for trusting a used computer unfortunately.
Any tools that might help me fix this battery? I hear draining it out & freezing it for 48 hours is supposed to help[only with lithium-ion, and lots of plastic wrap] but idk.

After 3 discharges & refills, it appears it now goes to 100% charged. I thought for sure some of the cells of that battery must of went bad, but seems to be fine now.