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Topic: Fixing wrong scale of qt5 apps with xfce [solved] (Read 257 times) previous topic - next topic
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Fixing wrong scale of qt5 apps with xfce [solved]

Hi there,

I was experiencing the following problem: when I updated vlc to the latest version  (VLC media player 3.0.1 Vetinari, revision 3.0.1-0-gec0f700fcc) its window was showed with large buttons and small fonts. Like in the image:

after doing some research I found that adding the following environment variables to my .bashrc (it could be added to /etc/environment instead) solved my problem.

Code: [Select]

after that, you ought to run qt5ct to config QT.

IMPORTANT: In my case, selecting Standard dialogs as GTK3 produced segmentation faults every time I tried to run any QT application. Nevertheless, GTK2 is a safe choice.

I hope this may help somebody, and save them the time I spent looking for a solution.

Now it works just fine.  :D



Re: Fixing wrong scale of qt5 apps with xfce

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@carlosalvatore Thanks. :)

I put the environment variables in /etc/environment & all is working fine.

Thanks for saving me from having to find the info' myself. ;)