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Re: Install nightmare with nvidia-340xxx

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Oddly, I finally found a solution in an Ubuntu site post of a sleep/hibernate/restore problem on a similar model laptop.  (HP/Compaq Presario CQ60-240NR)   I added "pci=nomsi" to the linux boot line, and I can run KDE/Plasma with the nvidia 340xx driver with no apparent problems.  I sill have no idea why it helps, or even exactly what it does, but it works. 

Summary of symptom for future reference - everything works fine with nouveau driver.  With nvidia 340xx driver, lxqt worked more often than not, but sddm or "exec startkde" in .xinitrc caused the laptop to completely freeze - no response to keyboard, no response to ping or ssh, and no errors in any log I could find after reboot.  That's with 4.16 kernel.  With 4.14, on boot to text console, with no DM started, the screen would alternate between the login prompt and blank screen, with a brief interval each flash where the login screen would actually accept keyboard input.