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Re: Packagers wanted!

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I'd like to help out too. I've been using arch for a long time but I'm new to creating packages for it.
You can start by maintaining a couple of packages you use at the AUR. The PKGBUILD manpage and Arch wiki entry cover most of whatever you need to know. Some bash scripting knowledge is expected, the rest is covered here.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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wish i could know how write pkgbuild for wine and wine-staging

hmm i just checked pkg-build of yay and it doesn't seem that hard to be honest.
there are few things like
or build() or package ()
that i dont understand but im gonna read about it so maybe ill be able to write something.
Okay well i can see there's playonlinux in octopi but there isn't dependency  wine in AUR list. There is either wine-stable or wine-staging. So not sure if playonlinux depends on wine shouldn't be changed to wine-stable
although i am not sure because wine-stable isn't in depends on although this is wine
however there isn't wine available in yaourt -S. but there is wine-stable so i am not sure, but im gonna try to write pkg for wine-stable

ok i am confused now. if there isnt wine-stable in pacman -S but there is in yaourt -S then it's like there isn't wine-stable available in octopi but yaourt is not related to artix so i dont know how to transform wine-stable from yaourt to pacman so it will be available on Artix and in octopi, i have no idea. If there's pkgbuild written for yaourt how can i write one for pacman????

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@cynicfm What pacman sees is the distro's repos wherefrom you directly get compiled & built packages. While yaourt sees the AUR (Arch User Repository), which has PKGBUILDs, that compiles  programs on your machine.

Why do you want to use `wine-stable` . There is already a `wine` package available? It is just that you have to enable the `[multilib]` repository in /etc/pacman.conf

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Yeah sorry, then i have no idea what pkgbuild is cuz i have never seen this before i first entered this forum and seen this topic.
What i understand from what pkgbuild is it is a script that pacman uses while downloading and then installing certain app? And making pkgbuilds for Artix is so AUR available packages that i can install via yaourt, will be written for Artix so they're available via pacman???

And also is there any possibility to see Artix packages pkgbuilds so i can learn from them?? Is for example AUR wesnoth pkgbuild different from Artix wesnoth pkgbuild??? (battle for wesnoth game  :) )

Why do you want to use `wine-stable` . There is already a `wine` package available? It is just that you have to enable the `[multilib]` repository in /etc/pacman.conf
Oh okay, thanks for telling me this. Cuz i tried to download playonlinux before via pacman -S but i couldnt. So i thought something is broken. Now getting with pacman -Sy :)

Re: Packagers wanted!

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Hello everyone on forum! :)

I am interested to support Artix Linux as person who will maintain packages.

How I can start participate in this?

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I think you should make it easy to register an account on

If people had accounts on, they would be freely able to contribute pull requests to existing packages. You wouldn't have to recruit packagers if accepted registrations.

You can promote active contributors to maintainers over time and demote dormant maintainers to contributors. This would be a cheap gradual process.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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@dawcek Your PM has gotten a reply
@MilkCow Gitea is still missing functionality WRT user and group privileges. If we open registrations there, any user commit would trigger a build and push to our repos, which is not what the community would want. We're still looking for a way to make things work.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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is there a step by step guide for an example package? If so, I'd love to support you.



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I'd like to contribute. Haven't had much luck with responses in #artix and attempting to sync the git repo with buildtree just gives me Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I just made my first package "tickr". It's already in AUR, but for testing purposes I made the pkg locally by myself. 

First I read the "PGKBUILD" Article and then the "Creating packages" Article on the Arch Wiki. It was not a big deal but some questions occured:

  • The dev wrote in his readme that the pkg depends on GTK+ and Libxml2, so I first added GTK3 and Libxml2 as an dependency in the PGKBUILD. Is this the right way? Because after compiling the source and checking the package with namcap it showed me to warnings:
    1) GTK 2 should be used as the dependency instead of GTK3, why is that?
    2) libxml2 is "already satisfied", what does that mean?
  • What are the next steps?

I can submit the PGKBUILD I made and the README from the dev, if neccesary.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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i am looking forward to write pkgbuilds for some games
this is what i found on arch wiki it's example pkgbuild:
i only wonder how to check that for example exact game that is not in octopi, what libs and packages does it require?? and what it depends on?? how do you know it?? it's all in readme??

im looking forward to add games to artix repos, because i like them but i am bored... well like i may try... it doesn't seem hard but well i should get hold of some example pkgbuilds and compare them to each other that would be easier

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i only wonder how to check that for example exact game that is not in octopi, what libs and packages does it require?? and what it depends on?? how do you know it?? it's all in readme??

A lot of dependancies you will normally find in the readme but only by building in a chroot can you be sure you've missed nothing. Errors, when you build it, will give you a clue  if anything is missing.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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thanks for replies ;). what i am not sure of is what is the difference between arch pkgbuild for wesnoth and 'wouldbe' for artix one?? Is it like for example arch pkgbuilds have depends= and makedepends= uses systemd packages while artix would be just without systemd ones?? so artix would need own pkgbuilds for depends and makedepends??
sorry i am simply not sure what would be difference between artix and arch pkgbuild for wesnoth for example.

And also i would like to know what has chroot to do with writing pkgbuilds, is it to build specific package on my system under chroot?? So for example if i wanna compile certain game from source, it's best to build it in chroot? and then if i built it that way, i'm gonna know that everything is ok?? and it will also give me errors output is something is not right??