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It depends on the package. Some arch packages abusively depend on [lib]systemd, others use systemd-related configure options. For the latter, a --disable-systemd flag is usually enough to have them cleaned. The former sometimes can be cured by depending them on [lib]elogind.
Take the dbus diff for example, which is harder to keep clean and needs an additional patch:
Code: [Select]
--- dbus.arch	2019-02-07 21:33:25.010297658 +0200
+++ dbus.artix 2019-02-07 21:34:12.640308698 +0200
-depends=(libsystemd expat audit)
+depends=(libx11 libelogind expat audit)
-makedepends=(systemd xmlto docbook-xsl python yelp-tools doxygen git autoconf-archive graphviz)
+makedepends=(elogind xmlto docbook-xsl python yelp-tools doxygen git autoconf-archive graphviz)

+  patch -Np 1 -i ${srcdir}/dbus-enable-elogind.patch

+    --with-system-pid-file=/run/dbus/pid \
+    --with-console-auth-dir=/run/console/ \
+    --enable-inotify \
+    --without-systemdsystemunitdir \
+    --disable-systemd \
-    --disable-static \
-    --without-x
+    --enable-elogind \
+    --enable-x11-autolaunch \
+    --disable-static
Most packages, however, are way easier to maintain as, thankfully, don't really need or want systemd to work.

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I maintain my own distribution for servers based on LFS and with pacman as package manager for years.
I think, I might be of use for you. Contact me
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Re: Packagers wanted!

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Why don't you register a nickname at Freenode and join #artix? You'll be invited to #artix-dev and meet the rest of the Jedi Council...

Re: Packagers wanted!

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well i have lots of free time to spare, and i use artix as the daily distro so im thinking i would like to contribute with this if i had knew how. im in the process of typign every step of pkgbuilds down into notepad (so i can remember it better), but i also read here that bash scripting is helpful or necessary??
My brain of amateur IT guy tells me: why just don't copy pkgbuild of arch wesnoth and make it as artix??

to be fair writing these pkgbuilds sounds like easy stuff, but i think i lack theory. isn't it like writing one pkgbuild takes about 30 minutes??
i am still not sure how to know what are dependencies of certain aur packages that i would like to get into artix. i have never used chroot command apart from when i was installing arch and only fro like 5 minutes.
I understand the importance (i think) and i think that every package here on artix should be from artix repos, not from arch, but am i wrong??
i think im gonna have to learn bash scripting first, and i wanted to learn it anyways. for example i need to find something about how to write a script that i can run and it will run few commands (i have some for hdd and cpu to save battery).
Is there any nice website where they explain how to write scripts in bash??

I use artix runit with LXDE and i am amazed how fast my laptop is now and it doesn't seem like im gonna change this or use different OS any soon, cuz i feel comfortable here.  However because i am new to linux i don't really know what i could do to make it 'better'. I have ideas like to write pkgbuilds for linux games that i played past few months, i am also bored so if i knew how, i could even find packages on AUR and just rewrite them into artix.
Perhaps before posting again in this thread, i am gonna try write pkgbuild for some simple package and post it here and ask questions ;)

thanks for reading and explaining ;)

edit: oh last question, if i manage to write some pkgbuild is there any way to test it to see if everything is alright?? before i send code to forum??
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@cynicfm I will suggest the same thing I told someone else on this thread: If there is any software you use that isn't in the repos or the AUR, make a fresh PKGBUILD for it and upload it to the AUR. Use the Arch wiki to figure out how to write them, and you can always ask on the IRC channel (#artix) or even #archlinux-aur. I'd be glad to help if you run into trouble.

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ok cool
well i am thinking about this all the time but i am still not ready mentally for this. I have no idea what packages aren't there in Artix repositories that i would use, but i am a type of playing games person, so i think i am gonna try mess with free/open-source/libre games that i can find online and try write pkgbuilds for one, perhaps flare ( will be the first one. Not sure how i am gonna find out what are depends() but i will sort it out  ;).

Thank you very much.
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