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Re: Packagers wanted!

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I'd like to help out too. I've been using arch for a long time but I'm new to creating packages for it.
You can start by maintaining a couple of packages you use at the AUR. The PKGBUILD manpage and Arch wiki entry cover most of whatever you need to know. Some bash scripting knowledge is expected, the rest is covered here.

Re: Packagers wanted!

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wish i could know how write pkgbuild for wine and wine-staging

hmm i just checked pkg-build of yay and it doesn't seem that hard to be honest.
there are few things like
or build() or package ()
that i dont understand but im gonna read about it so maybe ill be able to write something.
Okay well i can see there's playonlinux in octopi but there isn't dependency  wine in AUR list. There is either wine-stable or wine-staging. So not sure if playonlinux depends on wine shouldn't be changed to wine-stable
although i am not sure because wine-stable isn't in depends on although this is wine
however there isn't wine available in yaourt -S. but there is wine-stable so i am not sure, but im gonna try to write pkg for wine-stable

ok i am confused now. if there isnt wine-stable in pacman -S but there is in yaourt -S then it's like there isn't wine-stable available in octopi but yaourt is not related to artix so i dont know how to transform wine-stable from yaourt to pacman so it will be available on Artix and in octopi, i have no idea. If there's pkgbuild written for yaourt how can i write one for pacman????