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Latest update - can't boot (solved)


I've been using Artix since it started and it's been great so far. But

The latest update had a few files which already existed in the filesystem (dbus, elogind, etc) and so the update wouldn't complete.

I did some googling and previous Artix results said to delete the files with 'rm' and then update and so I did, and everything worked fine....until I went to reboot.

Now I get the message "/sbin/init" does not exist and I can't access my system. I'm stuck at a Busybox command line.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Re: Latest update - can't boot

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check our main site, the information which you are looking for is there (i don`t want too copy it)
Happy falling

Re: Latest update - can't boot (solved)

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Thanks. I didn't see that. Had to chroot in and update missing artix-sysvcompat package.