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CMake / libsystemd

Hai all,
 Does cmake  detect libeudev as libsystemd? I want to build an AUR pkg that requires libsystemd. But cmake's initial check stops, saying no libsystemd installed.
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Re: CMake / libsystemd

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AUR is a big world, can you name the package which you want to build ?

Udev should be recognized with pkgconfig when you search for module udev.
It works for systemd version and also for eudev.

When using cmake you can also create your own search modules,
so anything is possible.

If you want help, post link to the AUR package which you want to build,
so we (forum readers) can check it.
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Re: CMake / libsystemd

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said program is searching for libsystemd.

As Artix does not support systemd, there is not an easy way to build said program.
Try to ask the program developers for help "How to build this without systemd"
Or investigate it and purge systemd from it
According to what i found they are using systemd for dbus support.
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Re: CMake / libsystemd

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The program's cmake probably needs to be patched to look for libudev instead.
Arch's libsystemd has libudev bundled with it, and usually, its the libudev functions other programs require for device management.

Re: CMake / libsystemd

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I think their dependencies on systemd is deeper than just udev. Looking at a Gentoo ebuild and their AUR PKGBUILD, it seems their network stack also depends on systemd.
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Re: CMake / libsystemd

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Busy with work. Thank you everyone for looking into this topic. :)
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