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I would like to set up a mirror.

Does the root mirror support rsync?


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rsync rsync://
Once you're set, contact us to update our mirrorlist. Please note that the primary mirror is for repos only; the ISOs will still be uploaded to Sourceforge, so you'll have to setup a less frequent rsync for SF too.


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Btw, welcome Frede.

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First rsync initiated ...
you are using rsync commadns in crontabs? 
How much bandwidth do you need?
That depends ...
I have a decent static cable connection
Indeed - you need to, which is why I offer to mirror packages too.

I don't intend to mirror iso's - let the sourceforge do that :)

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I updated artix-mirrorlist.

Thanks a lot. :)

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 rsync -avz rsync:// /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/nylxs/mirror/

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before I try to migrate all my machines to Artix, I've setup a mirror to help a little bit the project :

I've run a first sync and migrated a virtual machine using it, so it should work, and the synchronization is setup to every hour. Hope this helps.