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New ISO snapshot?

The current ISO won't update out of the box.

I think that's really important to attract and keep new users.

So, it would be nice to update the download page with updated ISO

Re: New ISO snapshot?

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1st   I kept reading the message back and forth trying to remember when did I write this and why :)

2nd  This is the latest iso and I am pretty sure it updates fine

3rd   All you have to do is copy one of the current mirrors on the current list on the top of /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and
Code: [Select]
# pacman -Syy

... and your db is up to date.
This last iso if placed on a large enough medium 4GB or more it has plenty of space to install X and any DM and desktop you like.  You can install calamares and install scripts if you'd rather use a gui.  But partitioning your disk before hand and running basestrap as in the wiki, choose openrc or runit, and then you have the latest of installed artix.

Yes it would be nice to have new isos every month for every possible setup and DE but it is time consuming and the devs seem to be drowning to keep the system up and going as it is.  Remember it is all based on rolling arch, so you can't take a break unless arch announces they are taking a break.    Also github was lost (to a hostile party) and a new git server is being made.

If you run into any problems in installing use the part of the forum dedicated to the procedure and there are plenty veteran users around to give you a hand.  The reason you don't see much traffic in Artix forum is because people rarely have any problems with it.

Re: New ISO snapshot?

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ladybug your brain xd

So, I downloaded this ISO

Left only this line in mirrorlist
Server =$repo/os/$arch

Tried to sync (pacman -Syy), but started to get a lot of 404

I will try with the base ISO now.

Update: The base iSO with manual installation worked just fine! Thanks!

Re: New ISO snapshot?

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ladybug your brain xd
Have a mercy.

system-setting, world-testing, galaxy-testing, lib32-testing do not exist.

Something went wrong with your pacman.conf, look at wiki for example conf.

You can also find list of available repositories when you visit mirror in web browser.

Artix repository structure follows Arch:
Man is as good as his tools.

Re: New ISO snapshot?

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  Also github was lost (to a hostile party) and a new git server is being made.

That's not quite accurate.
We made the decision to leave GH, and the move to gitea was completed last weekend, so all package updates since last Sunday  are already built from the new git server. We also made quite big changes in terms of git organisation of packages. Each package now has its own git repo.
Once we settled a bit, there is gonna be a new lxqt iso.

Re: New ISO snapshot?

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Once we settled a bit, there is gonna be a new lxqt iso.

Artoo, any plans for first anniversary? Something special? And is there any plan for iso with S6 init to get it on par with openrc and runit?
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