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mpd with openrc

I installed mpd and mpd-runit. but there is no openrc service to start it.

How can I start mpd with openRC

Re: mpd with openrc

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Just write OpenRC script basing on runit one. You just need to put that commands in start function (without --no-daemon option) and add some depend function

Re: mpd with openrc

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Thank you guys.

first of I am still learning about these init script so please pardon advanced beginner questions

I found the script in a reddit post Here

with the systemd script

Code: [Select]
Description=Music Player Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/mpd --no-daemon
ControlGroupAttribute=cpu.rt_runtime_us 500000


and the runit on

Code: [Select]
 exec mpd --stdout --no-daemon $MPDCONF

If I understand correctly it should look like.

Code: [Select]
command="mpd --stdout  /home/{user}/.config/mpd/mpd.conf"


Code: [Select]


description="Music Player Daemon"

 is this correct and where does this file need to go? I believe it is supposed to go here


Re: mpd with openrc

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Actually, Gentoo already has its own mpd initscript, so you don't need to convert systemd/runit service files to OpenRC ones.
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