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Chromium and systemd-dummy

Hey again everybody. I want to get Chromium web browser to work without the need for systemd-dummy. Is this possible? I know Void Linux has chromium in their repos, so it must be possible, but I'm just not sure how. What in systemd does Chromium rely on? Maybe I can get it to work without systemd-dummy if I spend enough time trying. It'll be a good learning experience I think.

Re: Chromium and systemd-dummy

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What you described is one side if the problem.
The other side is that Chromium is big package and our server is not very strong, so we are not adding too many big packages.
Mna is as good as his tools.

Re: Chromium and systemd-dummy

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I compiled it without systemd as a dependency & it works, perhaps I can submit it somewhere? Its tested & working on other Artix PCs too.
Or maybe we can make a dummy package called nosystemd that satisfies the systemd dependency for chromium, I don't know if thats something that would work or not... maybe..


Re: Chromium and systemd-dummy

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You can always make a binary, and host it on your website, if you want to distribute your build.