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New user from Manjaro

I am just testing out many non-systemd out there.
The first non sysytemd is Void.
They have there own package manager which is awesome.  One thing I don't like about void is lack of packages.
If I know a thing or two about package management, I would help them.
I ditch Xubuntu because I want distro with new package, it fits my need perfectly.

But I miss that fast boot up time from runit in void.
Looking around and found Artix.

I solved all problems now but this is what I found.

ISO is outdate.
Trying to update give 404 because mirror name change from [testing] to [tremblins]
I figure this out by shear luck.

Also no firefox pre-install. I understand that maybe you want to make the ISO small, but maybe include a small browser.
I am now playing with it in virtualbox. Installing plasma is painless.
So please update the ISO.

Also, you can find me at manjaro forum with the same user name.