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Frustration with Office - especially writing

LibreOffice was fine up until the end of the 4 line, but ever since 5 appeared they keep changing things around so much that it is like learning some totally new package all from the beginning.  When I write a document I rarely ever use fancy formating but some basic stuff, about margins, columns, tabs, etc shouldn't be a science to adjust.
I tried abiword for a little while from main and AUR when in Manjaro-OpenRC but did not want to work on my machine.  Screen flickering, vanishing cursor, etc.  The same pkg on Debian/Devuan on the same machine works fine.
I tried ApacheOpenOffice and it seems like libreoffice from 10 years back with irritating colors and graphics.
All other text editors I have tried are either incapable of formatting a page, do not do a spell check or even a basic word count, and can not even compare in functionality with MS-write/wordpad.  It is amazing that the linux world is so poor in this respect.
Anyone knows where I can get a copy of the last 4xx LibreOffice?

Re: Frustration with Office - especially writing

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Thank you mandog, I had no idea Arch did this.  This is like Arch-Ives.  Who needs a cache when you have this.

Re: Frustration with Office - especially writing

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In my hunt for alternatives and quick editing with basic formatting I discovered accidentally the marvel called didiwiki
This is from someone building an ultrasmall and lite tinycore system, a linux from scratch, with an init from scratch.