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[SOLVED] Libreoffice dark design

Hello community,

I use KDE Plasma 5 as my desktop and set breeze dark as my default design.
Unfortunately Libreoffice has not the dark look.
What do I have to do to switch Libreoffice into dark, too?

I am happy about every help and every tip.


Re: Libreoffice dark design

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you should be able to change UI theme by changing system theme.
If you want to change some LO specific elements go to "Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Applications Colors" and play with the settings.
Mna is as good as his tools.

Re: Libreoffice dark design

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Thank you guys, but I found the real solution for my Problem.

The solution is to go to the systemsettings and then to application-style. Then choose GNOME application-sytle (GTK).
The next step is to switch GTK2-design  and GTK3-design to breeze-dark.
I hope, that the translation of the systemsettings points is correct, because I'm using a german system.

After a restart of libreoffice everything has the breeze dark design  :D

I thank everyone who helped me solve my problem.