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Re: Movies

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Not on topic, but perhaps fun


Linux Scheduler

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Descending to Reality. . .Linux SchedulerDescending toReality. . .PhilosophiesProcessorSchedulingProcessor AffinityBasic SchedulingAlgorithmThe Run QueueThe Highest PriorityProcessCalculatingTimeslicesTypical QuantaDynamic PriorityInteractive ProcessesUsing QuantaAvoiding IndefiniteOvertakingThe Priority ArraysSwapping ArraysWhy Two Arrays?The TraditionalAlgorithmLinux is MoreEfficientLocking RunqueuesReal-TimeSchedulingSleeping and WakingTimers2 / 40nThe Linux scheduler tries to be very efficientnTo do that, it uses some complex datastructuresnSome of what it does actually contradicts theschemes we’ve been discussing. . .

Re: Personal Art

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Re: Personal Art

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