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Artix for Chromebook(s?)

The title is admittedly misleading.  Truthfully, at this moment I can only guarantee that Artix works on the specific Chromebook in my posession.  I must tell you - it's fabulous and absolutely flies!  It's Plasma.

Back to the subject; there are some similarities between this Chromebook and that Chromebook but overall, there are many specificities often to do with audio.  At one time, the keboard and trackpad were completely unsupported - this is resolved in kernel 2.18+ or so.

Problem #1 - there is no Chromebook keyboard layout in xkeyboard-config.  This is solved in GalliumOS and patch available.
Problem #2 (less easily solved) audio chips on Chromebooks (based on chipset) are all over the place.  Solved again in GalliumOS - patches available.
BUT GalliumOS solution to the many variations of Chromebooks seems to be multiple .iso images based on chipset.  My wild speculation (with no actual knowledge) is - there's no way to easily detect and configure various audio chipsets on the fly.

What I wish to know:

A) Within this community, how well received would an Artix .iso be, one specifically made for a specific Chromebook?
- Reason I ask: it has been indicated that package maintainers are #1 priority and additional iso's are not the focus.
This I understand. :)

B) If posted on $(social-media) obviously then, more traffic would be drawn here (which might actually be good right?).  What would happen then?

For the most part I need no help with the .iso - I already have it - Just need to know if this is a good or bad idea at this point.  Chromebook model 14 CB3-431 is very popular and affordable and there are likely many users (as Chromebook users go).

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Re: Artix for Chromebook(s?)

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Well I can't speak for the devs of course, but I don't think anyone will care as long as you make it clear the iso is unofficial and not a part of Artix.

Re: Artix for Chromebook(s?)

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I don't have any strong opinions on community ISOs; I know @artoo generally dislikes them for bringing whining babies to the forums (demanding support), but there's no rule that forbids them.

@uhmzilighase Go ahead with the ISO, I might even put a link on our downloads page for it. If it gets an audience, we'll create a subforum and they're yours!

Re: Artix for Chromebook(s?)

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It's up.

We have an image. It's beta because of a minor annoyance:

On boot, modem manager might spam about device support.

Code: [Select]
Couldn't check support for device '/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.2/0000:02:00.0' not supported by any plugin
If the boot seems to hang, pressing some random keys makes it quiet and the boot continues. Let's see if it appears on other devices as well.
This is NOT an issue after installation. The message is still there but boot continues regardless. Modem manager is a dependency of Plasma network manager.
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Re: Artix for Chromebook(s?)

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Thanks for this iso.
I've switched my c720 from galliumos to Artix with it. Firefox feels quite a bit snappier.

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