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nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers


i am a victim of laptop vendors because they sold me notebook with intel gpu (saving battery blabla) and nvidia geforce 940mx that has worse performance under nouveau than intel 620 i got.
I think it's the best to install distro that has nvidia driver running out of the box however it still irritates me... ;/ non systemd distros like devuan or artix has problems with configuring this bollocks, while systemd distros like mint or manjaro has this running out of the box however, updating installing 50000 packages, don't know what's happening on my OS, somebody may be watching my desktop from other computer, huge mess and i don't know what's going on, systemd developer was writing it by googling everything. It's such a pain i bought this laptop and i get poor performance without installing proprietary software :<.

There is bumblebee in artix repos and nvidia-drivers, 340 390, nvidia however when i installed nvidia and bumblebee plus linux headers optirun is still not ok.
mint has something like prime where i can just switch GPU drivers from nouveau to proprietary and diablo 3 is running...

Is there any specific solution i can do about that or i am forced to dual boot with systemd distribution and be helpless ;(
i wonder why it's so hard to configure this optimus on non systemd distros like devuan or artix (it's fking effort and usually it's still a mystery what's going on)

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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Bumblebee and nvidia shouldn't have anything to do with systemd. Granted, it's been years since I've last set up something like that so maybe I missed something. Can you post exactly what error you get when you use optirun (also try 'primusrun', I think that one is newer)?

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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After installing bumblebee and nvidia drivers you need to configure bumblebee to use nvidia drivers and also put nouvaea on blacklist.
Bumblebee can be configured here: "/etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf"
If you have still some common problems go to Archwiki:

After that you need to install bumblebee-openrc or bumblebee-runit and enable bumblebee service. (or start bumblebeed manually)
After doing this optirun / primusrun should work.
Also for some games (mostly wine) you will need to install 32-bit libraries.
Do not forget to add the user to bumblebee group, if it does not exist > create it.

Sure, mint and manjaro has some GUI to install and configure HW. Artix is going the same way as Arch > do it yourself.

I also read that there is already some support for optimus in nvidia drivers even without bumblebee but i never tested it myself.
Happy falling

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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Bumblebee and nvidia shouldn't have anything to do with systemd. Granted, it's been years since I've last set up something like that so maybe I missed something. Can you post exactly what error you get when you use optirun (also try 'primusrun', I think that one is newer)?

okay i had something like var socket is missing or something like that and then second line was something cant bumblebee is it running??
I am gonna try install it now, although i have 32 bit mint installed, you replied so i can try. I am not sure how to enable bumblebeed service, because almost everywhere they say its systemctl command but i think its systemd command, isn't it. I used devuan before there was service bumblebee start command i think i tried it last time on artix but didnt find a command.
Ill update this post in the meantime, im downloading everything using octopi :-). cheers

edit: okay well now im not able to boot into artix i have some client disconnected during boot error... i downloaded bumblebee and nvidia-390xx. but here on mint i havent got bumblebee installed however i have some libs installed, nvidia 390 dkms and prime and i am able to open nvidia x server settings and choose if i wanna use intel or nvidia... and it's okay it runs. windows had actually the same thing
i dont know if i should bother with this anyway, because i downloaded artix to use open source stuff, linux mint for anything else, i can't use nouveau drivers with mynvidia because i tested it in the past with overclocking is it something with cat and echo and 0f or something but made no difference so my gpu is not designed for open source unfortunately, however intel is good under open source drivers... so maybe next time i should just get different gpu that wouldnt be that much pain with open source drivers.
right now im gonna reinstall artix again :)
edit2: to be fair if the only thing i had to do would be downloading nvidia drivers and then configuring everything in nvidia x settings which gpu id like to use then id probably ditch mint for devuan, but devuan had no luck as well, maybe its because of bumblebee im not sure... should i try downloading just drivers and trying to configure x settings like here on mint that would be much more convenient. i only say bumblebee because months ago somebody mentioned it on devuan irc but that was like 8 months ago, but it seems like mint linux has different approach and i have to say its nicer than bumblebee because bumblebee is pain. or should isay nvidia ;/
edit3: ok so i installed nvidia i typed nvidia-xconfig it did some file in /etc/something i rebooted installed nvidia-settings i couldnt turn it on so i rebooted again and then got prompted to tty1 and i didnt know what to do...

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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I believe you are doing it incorrectly. When using bumblebee you don't configure any x-settings or anything like that (definitely don't run nvidia-xconfig). What it sounds like are doing is trying to get your xorg session to run completely with nvidia drivers which will not work on optimus setups. What bumblebee does is basically a hack, but it lets you use the nvidia driver for only a few applications (triggered via optirun/primusrun). You're using the intel GPU for literally everything else. Get rid of all your xorg config junk, reinstall the drivers and then do what SGOrava said above.

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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I reinstalled system sorry im not too experienced enough
but screw this anyways, i don't really need nvidia gpu for open source games that much, just for proprietary, so i have wine installed on linux mint 32 bit so if i fancy playing some windows games i just go on there, while artix is just open source and linux stuff. Configuring these nvidia drivers causes me too much trouble and frustration.

Thanks :)

Re: nvidia optimus installing proprietary drivers

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i managed to get it running :)
nvidia and nvidia-xconfig was always giving me crashes during boot. so i downloaded .415 nvidia bumblebee and bumblebee-runit i think i rebooted i added myself to the group didnt know how to restart bumblebeed so i rebooted again and got into su and typed bumblebeed and voila :). i just tried supertuxkart that lagged on intel or nouveau geforce when i set it on max settings but now played it on max and its okay now like it has on linux mint when i used nvidia, so problem solved :). i didnt run any nvidia-xconfig as well, as you said
i dont have nvidia-settings though to mess up with it but its okay

so problem solved, thank you