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migrate manjaro bspwm to artix


I'm running - happily - the comunity edition manjaro bspwm. Now, since i'm unhappy with the way systemd handles the autostartup, it would be nice to have a harmless way to migrate to artix. For me, the bspwm de in he manjaro comunity edition is close to perfect, and i'd like to keep that. All the rest, i'm willed to change, if necessary.

Once (i.e. a year or more ago) i tried a migration following the instructions i had found here, but that did not work - left me behind with a corrupted setup.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: migrate manjaro bspwm to artix

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Before making such a transformation it is always a good idea to backup your root partition into an image you can easily restore.
Some of the autostarting desktop stuff or dm/autologin may not work unless you set it up again.  You shouldn't have any problems though.  The wiki instructions are for OpenRC, if you want runit you'd have to make some adjustments.

If you run into any trouble there always be help available.  Just provide with specifics of the problem.

Re: migrate manjaro bspwm to artix

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How will i have to deal with manjaro specific packages (needed) by the manjaro-bspwm setup? Is it possible to add the manjaro repos in some way, may be with restrictions to not pull in the systemd related stuff - sorry but i'm not so familiar i only know from my debian experience it's pretty much complex ;)

There are, among others:


etc. (all the extremely smart scripts of @Chrysostomus)

I saw, networkmanager exists in the artix repos, so as for that i think there won't be problems.


Re: migrate manjaro bspwm to artix

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You can add Manjaro repositories by editing pacman.conf.
If you need them than add them behind Artix and Arch repositories.
You still might encounter some troubles though.
Mna is as good as his tools.

Re: migrate manjaro bspwm to artix

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Without knowing the specific needs and problems I would recommend to add the Artix repositories on top of the Manjaro, or better yet use the artix pacman.conf and replace arch with manjaro.   I think [core] should be commented out, as anything that comes from there should come from artix only. 
2nd stage, if everything boots and runs fine then squeeze arch in between and leave just the repository of Manjaro that contains the bspwm related pkgs in the very bottom.  Then you will really be converted to artix.

Don't confuse this with debian where it is really hard to make the pkg manager choose which repository to draw pkgs from, in arch it is easier, and manjaro is essentially modified arch.  Essentially you would be running a manjaro hybrid with artix init and service manager.  Look at /etc/pacman.conf and how it is setup in artix (wiki), backup the system, and give it a try.

Make sure you read the warnings coming out after the first update with artix.  There may be many pkgs that you have installed from manjaro and exist on artix as well.  All must be replaced.  Those that don't exist in artix repositories can safely (I'm willing to bet with 95% chance) come from manjaro.

arch/bspwm doesn't have any dependencies other than xcb-util (etc) and as much as I use with openbox.  Any custom manjaro stuff for bspwm probably just runs on top of the same pkg (fluff).  I don't even use elogind or libsystemd, but I can't speculate with what else manj. has on top of this.