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Re: Show Your Screenshots Here

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Void user here moving to  Artix 2 days ago, still figuring out this distro.
Like now i want to install realtime-kernel but i didn't find it through artix repo/pamac.
If someone have some idea i really appreciate your help.

Software maintenance is better than void, void handled/update core package very well but the normal package eg. mypaint/krita/inkscape etc is very outdated, not to blame the maintainer but it is what it is. Artix maintainers is much more reliable, 3 package that i mentioned is on the latest version on artix repo, feeling great because i dont have to waste my time compiling.

I definitely feel this distro is faster than void, loading application  is faster, i do a lot of graphic job and it shows.
I have no idea why is the difference is very noticeable, i use both minimal install and using runit on both os.

Re: Show Your Screenshots Here

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Nothing spectacular, pretty much standard KDE/Plasma

Theme: Breeze & Breeze dark
Icons: Breeze
Fonts: Noto Sans


Re: Show Your Screenshots Here

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Re: Show Your Screenshots Here

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Hi everyone,

here is a recent screenshot of my artix system. I just switched to artix s6 a week ago and really enjoy it.

The system I use and which is depicted: artix kernel, s6 init system, qtile window manager and alacritty as the terminal emulator.