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LibreOffice fresh updated today to version 6.1.4-2 however it fails to start due to a missing dependency boost-libs 1.69.0-1 which was not on the extra repo.

If you need LibreOffice in a hurry then you can get the dependency from here and install it locally.

Re: LibreOffice-fresh

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boost-libs is already on 1.69.0-1 on our main mirror.

What's your mirror?
the runit guy on artix


Re: LibreOffice-fresh

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Server =$repo/os/$arch

Is at the top of the list.

Is that wrong?

Edit. I see from the wiki that is listed as the top repo so I changed to that and got 200Mb of updates, so I guess that answers my own question.

Edit2. Then one of those updates changed mirrorlist again, so now is the top mirror. I hope that is right.