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Libvirtd for runit?

It doesn't seem like a service for libvirtd is created on runit. I may be missing it, but its clearly not in /etc/runit/sv. I might have to right it myself, can someone key me in on what to do maybe?

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Re: Libvirtd for runit?

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the packages in Artix are divided in 2 parts. Main package for application (program) and init script packages for different init systems.
The package with init script is not installed when you install main package.
You need to install it manually:
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pacman -S libvirt-runit

to see all runit init script you simply run (there will be a little bit of spam but this is easiest way I can think of):
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pacman -Ss runit

From wiki:
Installation of services
runit service packages are named package_name-runit and, when installed, will be available in /etc/runit/sv.
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Re: Libvirtd for runit?

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Hello, thanks for the reply, that did work. Sorry for not getting back to you, I think I wrote this at like 5am the night before flying out to Mexico, I couldn't even remember what libvirt was when I realized I'd left some posts on the forum. Vm manager works now so that should get my vm up and running, and I'll remember that the init scripts aren't always installed, but they are usually in the repo appended with -runit.