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Topic: "syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit" (Read 165 times) previous topic - next topic
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"syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit"

As the title suggests, the package syncthing-runit contains a runit script for syncthing-relaysrv, not syncthing.

Is it possible to rename the package to reflect this?

Re: "syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit"

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I'll add it on the weekend as I'm quite busy right now.

I don't think it should be renamed, we can simply add the real syncthing service to the current package.
the runit guy on artix

Re: "syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit"

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I was thinking "rename" because:
  • syncthing-relaysrv is its own package, and could probably use a (properly named) runit script (which it does not currently have);
  • as far as I am aware, it is generally best to run syncthing under your user account (with user-level runsvdir or similar); and
  • The package as it is currently works just fine for relaysrv, it just has the wrong package name.
These points are minor, though.

If you are suggesting having the relaysrv script and the syncthing script in the same package, I would recommend against that, as relaysrv is an entirely separate program, with an entirely separate main package.

Ultimately I believe it would be best to have two separate packages: syncthing-runit and syncthing-relaysrv-runit.

Re: "syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit"

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Huh. As I never used syncthing I didn't realise the two are different, and syncthing-relaysrv actually has its own separate package, so that alone warrants separate package.

If possible, I'll get it this weekend since I'm quite busy at the moment. Thanks for reporting.
the runit guy on artix

Re: "syncthing-runit" is actually "syncthing-relaysrv-runit"

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syncthing-relaysrv-runit has been added and the main syncthing-runit package is now the actual syncthing service.
the runit guy on artix