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[SOLVED] OpenRC, Thunar (caja, etc.), sshfs

System was installed from last OpenRC base relise.  So: clear installation with XFCE4 as DE.  X-session fire-up with xfce4start . gvfs, sshfs installed. Thunar can mount/umount all external drive without any problem. Exept - ssh. When i try connect from this (let it be A) host to host B with ssh - this is unavailable.  Ask Browse network get answer "operation not support". And in preferences 'advanced tab' i look  "It looks like gvfs isn't available."
If try connect from host B to host A - is ok. 

Re: OpenRC, Thunar (caja, etc.), sshfs

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gvfs is build with openssh support.

work gvfs- mount ?     like for example 'gvfs-mount sftp://[email protected]/home'

Re: OpenRC, Thunar (caja, etc.), sshfs

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Not work:
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gvfs-mount sftp://[email protected]/home 
This tool has been deprecated, use 'gio mount' instead.
See 'gio help mount' for more info.

gio: sftp://[email protected]/home: Connection failed

Is it right that sshfs no more need? (if gvfs is support ssh itself)

Re: OpenRC, Thunar (caja, etc.), sshfs

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gvfs use openssh,

maybe is not ssh open, running ssh-agent ?

Re: OpenRC, Thunar (caja, etc.), sshfs

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The problem was in config files (on gentoo host). Now solved.
Thank for your time and answer!