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New build server

Thanks to an exceptionally generous donation from Brecht-Schule Hamburg, we have now got a very powerful Epyc 7281 (16-core/32-thread) build server with 32GB of RAM. Not only has Brecht-Schule Hamburg covered the cost of acquiring this bare-metal monster, it has also taken up its hosting at the school's campus.

Artix Linux, as a team and community, wish to express their warmest thanks to Brecht-Schule Hamburg for this donation, which is expected to cover the project's needs for several years.

Re: New build server

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Wow this is amazing news.
Sorry I'm not very active at the moment to many real life things taking priority

Re: New build server

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And thanks to Brecht for inspiring those visionaries to recognize the importance of Artix  ;)
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Re: New build server

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Yeah nice. I have no idea what's build server though.
Nice that somebody cares about Artix though, it's very positive news, great :)
32gb ram it's amazing wow. :D
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