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Recent posts list too long


i write on here quite often and i thought that i see recent topics list and most of these topics are all the same all the time. If there's somebody who writes a lot of posts like myself then i noticed i appear on the list all the time.

So i thought maybe recent posts list should be lowered to 5 or even 0??

PS. Forum is not that busy and even if it was not sure if 15 topics list is good idea. I think there is usually something like 3 posts written everyday so just lots of topic stay on the list for long time. That gives impression of forum being a bit inactive i think. I think lowering it to 5 or 7 would freed some space and browsing forum would be nicer perhaps. This is only what i thought.


Re: Recent posts list too long

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I thought a little about this and I composed this little report:

0New post are hidden from most of the users
less than 10there is a chance that some wild user will post something on multiple topics > can easily become full
more than 10what will the difference be ? Saved size ? time ? data ? so small that is not worth the effor
Man is as good as his tools.