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Adventures with runit

Hi guys at last iv'e got a small break and can play with a new Artix install. to go with mate that is 18months old and going strong

So I grabbed the latest ISO and installed that went flawless just the long wait installing grub.

Unfortunately  updating did not go as well Perl had a bad signature so installed manually, then 2 exists in file system so removed them then the update was fine.

Lxqt well its just not modern looking as is Lxde, and Openbox sorry OB guys I used it for years myself The problem is virtually all WMs are outdated.

The exception JWM I have had great success with JWM obarun uses JWM inspired by myself.
So down that road I went, But I want different so I installed cairo-dock, and mainly GTK3 apps to get a pleasing usable WM made the headers and frames to mimic gtk3, used the arc-dark theme, arc-icons. removed the task bar.
As the pic shows leafpad, is gtk2 while pcmanfm, is gtk3 along with the lxterminal,
The pros clean modern looking fast, more i candy, full screen uses 100% real estate.
cons. no clock in full screen.

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I think the latest iso is from february that is openRC. I have got runit installed as well though, with LXDE. I was very happy with it until i installed last openRC .iso. I go for the picnic with my friends to the nature and we watch movies on my laptop. We're all happy and satisfied because of Artix,we can roughly watch movies for almost 4 hours.  Everybody tells me that the battery is good enough and i feel proud of myself that it's because of using this distro ;). We can rely on it.
Battery in my laptop is 2800 mAh Capacity, however i cannot charge more than 74% at the moment. I have used windows 10 before and some systemd distros, played games that well were heating too much especially that i have got nvidia gpu here, so obviously i killed battery thanks to lovely microsoft, nvidia and modern windows games :).
I have got battery lasting longer on this openRC than i had on LXDE and runit.
This is how my desktop looks like at the moment:

I decided to not install other stuff like conky cuz it will consume more battery. Maybe i am weird but i am not fan of modern looking candy stuff. The way my lxqt looks at the moment is great to me. I am still gonna have to configure things like menu bar stuff and probably gonna try mess something in gimp for a wallpaper for myself ;).

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Well I have used runit with Void Linux, Obarun, and now Artix, Runit boots on a old spinner faster than kde, gnome, can even dream of on a SSD.
 I personally put LXDE above LXQT because its a finished project and on Arch slowly moving to GTK3, LXQT is not a finished project its a mess for the last 2years
Perhaps you did not install TLP or set it up correctly as they both LXDE and LXQT use about the same resources.
The init does not have any impact on battery life its just a means of getting to the Xserver then shuts down, unlike systemd that hi-jacks the total system. Openbox the window manager Uses under 100mb LXDE LXQT are only a set of tools nothing more and add aprox 70mb well that's on my desktop. In comparison gnome using any Distribution uses 700mb-1000mb when built by me using a Arch base 380-420mb, JWM uses 170mb again on my desktop. 

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That's great.
Well i don't really know if ram affects battery life but i noticed that distros which consumed more of it drained %%% quicker so i assumed the less memory usage there is the less of battery goes. However cpu affects it i think.
But i am gonna get another laptop anyways with good and easily replaceable battery in mind sooner or later.
I actually dual boot Artix now and i have got LXDE on first .iso now i am on lxQt because i installed newest openRC image.

I have tried Manjaro OpenBox before and i like candy looks of it but ram usage was about 680mb after fresh boot so i thought that is crazy. Then i posted about this on their forums and guy who maintains this openbox on there told me that unused ram is wasted ram, i think it's kind of bollocks things to say and also who cares about ram anyway. I kind of do but well, when you're on manjaro you shouldn't.
And also i remember when i installed Antergos and i was like oh damn i like it i took it out to watch movies with my friends so we only were able to watch the movie for 40 minutes, hahah. That was huge disappointment. Here its solid 3 hours.
But fresh artix lxqt is similar to xfce devuan i had used before in terms of battery existence.

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Their are many views on Ram and i Remember your post on Manjaro.

Of course Ram matters if you are running on battery I have a 10 year old notebook that we use when away, so battery usage is important, On my desktop i have ram to give away but always trim it down as much as possible,

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Well, i might download and try JWM then. I quite wanna use just plain openbox but i love to try new things.

Well i had used windows 10 before, last year this laptop is only 1,5 years old. Battery capacity is 2800 mAh and i can find replacements on ebay that are like 5500 mAh ;(. Also the battery here is hard to replace.

It's a shame that this acer costed me so much money because for this amount of cash i could have had nice laptop from
I take this laptop out now very often to watch movies with my friends and we thought that it would be the best to have a laptop with two batteries and one that have like battery easy to swap you know. Like before i go out i have two charged batteries and then when we're there if the battery runs out then i swap it for another one, the charged one.
I am not sure if these lenovo thinkpads have this, but well... this is what i am looking for when ill be purchasing next laptop. Not with windows 10 now for sure ;). I have nvidia gpu here (nvidia optimus) well when i was playing games using it even on linux mint (it has nvidia prime) the laptop was burning... So that killed 25% of the battery, now capacity is flying between 68% to 75% (tlp stat)so you know.... Only if i knew about this 1,5 years ago!!!!
And also 1,5 years ago i was aiming for like nice gpu to play games like diablo 3 and other windows games. But now i am definitely gonna aim for ssd ram and battery cuz thanks to linux i stopped playing these time consumers :D.