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Asus FX505DY AMD

Hi Everyone,

First post here and the first thing I have to say is, thank you! New laptop and I just got Artix mostly configured in dual boot on new Ryzen 3550H hardware. Hats off, you folks do an amazng job. Long time Slackware user here. I just had issues accepting how much work I would have to do for slackware on this hardware. Uefi is a hurdle alone. MIB quote: old and busted or new hottness? I took new hottness with Artix. As I came from Slackware I puke over the thought of installing systemd. Its a no go. Thank you again for the work you have put in to this distribution! Its polished, refined and fast. Truly wondeful!

Althoug it took me a few tries I eventually found out that one can do a sophisticated LVM setup out of the installer on the 2/24/2019 gramlins lxqt iso. This was key as I upped my storage to a 512gb-960-evo-pro + 2TB- 860-evo comination replacning factory storage. Also upped ram to 32GB Ballistics Sport 2666. My install is split eveny between the two drives. 512 is 256 for windows and 256 for linux. Data drive is also split n half. LVM->860PV+960PV and as volume groups. Left 500mb of  ext4 on nvme for /boot. Since I have fast samsung nvme+ssd I opted for F2FS filesystem on /root and /home. Reused windows EFI. Install went well. On reboot I had slow ethernnet and no wifi. And ugly grub.  If anyone visting here in the future has this laptop here is what worked for me:

after installing git and base-devel I was off to:

for the ethernet driver replacement.

for wifi

Also installed rEFInd-efi for a better looking boot loader. Once I get satisfied with ACPI settings I'll set a 0 timout on grub realizing that it may be a difficult thing to deal with adjustments once set. Too manu acpi errors in dmesg to do that now. If installing after grub or a installer installation you will be essentially chain loading from rEFInd to Grub. Even found a great 12 bit png file with red and black, matching illuminated keyboard, that was easy to set up in a rEFInd theme.

Need to link my cellphone to laptop so I removed xcursor-breeze and the artix-preset-tools package that was linked as dependency. Brought in plasma5 and sddm. Took a few tries to get open-rc to setup sddm over lxdm but it eventually worked. User error, Im new to open-rc! Thank you for linking open-rc docs within the live medium! Same with network manager. Did all of the above to this point without rebooting so I ran a mkinitcpio -P linux and it all stuck on reboot.

The enlightenment house has a great terminal emulator: terminology. typop and other unique commands make you think you are in the future. IHighly recommendable!  I set a 137gb backup partition so looking at backintime for a backup restore manager. Although it can do personal I am only doing root and /boot and /boot/efi.

I really cant recomment this hardware enough. I was on a Dell G with i7/GTX1060 and while it was a beast I fely like I had a bad experience with intel/nvidia hybrid graphics and linux. Even on windows. Hybrid means rendered frames get delivered to the intel chip to send out the ports. No matter if I streamed through my nvidia shied or hooked up to tv via hdmi it lagged on fps due to intel lagging. If I shut the lid windows went bonkers and went to window mode showing the desktop start bar. Nothing even close on the AMD side. While not as powerful  I am able to game on all old titles I have tries so far. Hacked the ini on UT2004 to 120fps. Awesome! The screen is gorgeous and while I went overboard on storage and ram its a decent rig out of the box at 699. Artix runs beautifuly on this rig! Thank you Artix Team!!

Re: Asus FX505DY AMD

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Yeah, Artix is amazing for playing games. I would say better than most of other distros, i had good experience on devuan, slightly good on linux mint, but it was out of the box.
I have got intel/nvidia hybrid graphics here as well, nvidia optimus, although performance more fps was better on ubuntu nvidia-prime, i can say that bumblebee optirun/primusrun was good.
Probably AMD would perform much better here though or single nvidia card ;).

I have got about 20 pc games on cd's i bought them 2nd hand the only few titles i can't run here is Mass Effect 1 and TrackMania Sunrise (due to winXP DRM).
If i were a gamer then i would definitely aim for AMD PC and install Artix on it. It's a pity that most of linux gamers choose bloated out of the box distributions though....

Thank you Artix Team as well, i have no idea what i would be using now if this distro hasn't existed :P. And calamares gui installer (too newb for minimal instalation and laptop has got problems with wireless stuff)

Re: Asus FX505DY AMD

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Hi..I was interested if there are any reviews of new Asus laptop TUF GAMING FX505DY - one with new ryzen 3550H. And google gave me a link to tech advisor website but this link redirects to some old article. Then I looked for cached web page and voila! there it is. I did not read yet, i wanted to share here first.

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