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Valued tool NAS Server OS project that is above others in features

Hello All,

Thank you for the high quality and rapid support I am getting on this forum! I wanted to share a little known tool that I have been using for 5 or so years now. I used to own a two bay Synology NAS server. Expensive but cute. They support Android and IOS with a slew of apps. Support hot swap, google domain DDNS, simplycerts, airplay, plex, transcoding on itel through apps, NFS, UPNP, and just about anything you can throw at it including nzb files. TFTP and PXE, sure. Firefox sync server, yeah it can do that. Lots more...

Commnity you ask?


Its a long story but I used to live in Denver. While working nights at a web hosting gig I sold a motherboard to a guy who told me he was starting a proect to port the synology OS to generic hardware and offer a slew of drivers in the process so we can enjoy the  perks of synology on regular old tower computers. This puts it in ranks with Freenas. While I have nothiing against freenas its hard to link my cellphone to it and look at camera recordings from my security cameras via apps that can notify me on camera events (surveilance station), or montor / adjust my nzb file aquisitions, or have such a simple plugin interface to extend features. I recommend to all. Just have a free tiny usb stick to put the boot loading program on to. It stays in the tower computer and is really quite simple to set up . Mine has been running strainght for ten months now and I am about to start upping drive sizes. Easy utilities within for putting one is a cradle and cloning it on usb. I really cant say enough. If you have an old tower computer laying around give it a shot.