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LinuxJournal and other corporate rags


After the initial WTF kind of s(h)ite is this, my eye caught this image of Artix initial wallpaper theme.

No mention of OpenRc, runit, or s6 in this rag.  Not even sysv/sysvinit.  But systemd has some hits.  One of them actually mentions the discovery of systemd vulnerabilities (being patched of course by the time you read the article), almost as confessing some self-criticism.
There is a perverse amount of huge corporations appearing all over the place making linux appear as a product of large corporations.  Even microsoft and windows deserve space in linuxjournal but not many "non-corporate" lini.
The more you look around the web the more such sites you will find with extreme bias about you know what.  Some of them are paid propaganda (so the bias is justified, it is like mass media) and some are focused in such a way to attract corporate advertising and funding.  The separation is like that of "executive secretary" and professional whores.

Another bit that caught my eye and answered my question "how could NSA funnel money into systemd directly without receiving heat?" was an article about how the manufacturer of a recent fighter jet (F22) hired RH to optimize its control systems. 

I know the world is turning to shit and there is not much we can do about it, and I shouldn't go out in the shit storm but sit by the window and watch, but I can't help not to vocalize my gleam outlook on things.

I can't get myself to like OpenBSD either, but respect it and appreciate it.

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I don't have opinion there.

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Q. I want to write for Linux Journal. Where do I start?
A. We are always excited to welcome new authors and ideas. Send your proposal or article idea to [email protected].

Well if you want an article about Artix then you could try and write it if you have something to say - but they are not going to publish anything too extreme I expect, probably wanting to present a happy non controversial view of Linux to entice new users to the general genre rather than get into inter-distro rivalries.

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not just world is going to shit but also your body because of smoking cigs. You can't do anything about the first one, but you can stop smoking to make good thing for yourself  :P
Well, if the world is going to excrement, I for one am going to enjoy MY cig in the meantime. 8)

To each her/his own.
No one gets out alive.

Best regards.
We should try to be kind to everyone.....we are all fighting some sort of battle.

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No one gets out alive.

You have to specify the system for in/out to have meaning.  I think Einstein tried but failed.  :)

The more you search these days on mainstream technical magazines about unix/linux/bsd the more you find articles about "business" solutions.  Those who provide those business solutions are a very small minority among the ocean of software.    The more corporate money that flows into them the more intense the influence on everything else.  The shift in paradigm is that one can still produce software, open and free, but not based on what they like but based on what is attractive in a market.  The market is defined by those who promote this and demote the other.  So for the individual developer it may not be directly money but the prestige of their software to be included by what the "market dictates". 

Those that we perceived as gangsters in the past now are under a 3letter umbrella, if I am not mistaken the #1 corporate systems consulting name in the world.  It is like the guy that robbed the bank is now the banker.  Very few developers have exhibited the tendency to want to produce software that is open and free, but prevent gangsters from using it.  Some would say "please, no more licensing debates and new licensing proposals", but when your open and free software is utilized as a tool to make money by someone else then you are just dumb for letting it happen.  Or simply I have not really understood how licensing works.

Such a move would clear the horizon who is it for the principle of open and free, and who is in it for the money and the power.