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Trinity Desktop and other things

Im still waiting for nous's Mate Full iso to daownload.

Im relatively a newb/noob, but I know most of my systems dont play well with Systemd.**

I am wondering if anyone here has tried or does use the Trinity Desktop and whether or not they no if any of its components rely on Systemd or not   (ie the login manager etc) given that it was forked from KDE 3.5 and now uses its own TQt library set.

My interest in Artix came from finding Manjaro OpenRC and shortly after finding it being kicked out (may not be quite correct in terminology sorry - just the way it appeared to me).

oh and i dont know if this is still relevent  MXLinux Bounty

My main interest at this point is to test feasability to move 3 computers (1 windows 7, 2 win10 ) to another operating system.
moving from win7 because support runs out soon and back porting junk form win10.
moving from Win10 due update issues

not 100% certain but believe the May win10 update just killed my sons Ryzen 2600 gaming system (rx580 8gig, 32gig ram, standard clock speed MSI B450 motherboard) - luckily  it is under warranty, so hopefully get a working system back soon once they figure it out.

the other win10 system is an AMD 8130? 8 core black edition, RX480 8gig, 32gig ram,

main need is a preference for
Steam (currently all windows games but vulcan, proton, lutris maybe? if cards compatible)
Gog (mostly old stuff from here, I think ShadowRun 2 is the only non dosboxed wrapped game i have from here)
Audio and Visual codecs ( any regardless of provider type ie windows media, quicktime real player ) - kodi may fill this need
web browsing
and maybe a syncing Calender function (due to older sons special needs)

fungalnet? kind of scared me when i read his posts about Devuan if its true.

** to copy and paste my own stuff form another forum (just incase you dont like said forum) answering about Systemd question

 I'll use my anecdotal evidence for dislike of systemd as a potential graphical end user. some people however dont except anecdotal evidence for things being problematic.

I have found that Systemd appears to require minimum 2.5GHZ Cpu's, 4gig ram, SSD's to be functional.

OpenSuse, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Linux Mint with Systemd on my systems have been unuasble. this is using XFCE, LXDE, LXQT,

Sluggish to boot. (at least as long as OpenRC usually worse).

Sluggish to move around Graphical Interface (windows bloat equivalent)

Constant loss of Wifi connection.

MX Linux doesnt/didnt suffer wifi connection loss but was still sluggish but usable.

 Majaro OpenRC, Devuan

boot time average (not fast, but not waiting for ever either)

Graphical Interface Speed more than usable/functional.

no loss of wifi connection.

Conclusions I came to:

Regardless of the mass inroads Linux Gaming has made, with the gear I have available to me to use, Im no better off with Linux vs Win7 (no we wont debate Linux vs Win10 lol).

SSD's read/write speeds hide the true speed of Systemd compared to Systemd on HDD's. (making Systemd useless on old hardware).

you can have lots of ram, Hdd space, but without a fast cpu dont bother (tested with a 1.6GHz cpu, 64-bit, 8gig ram, 500gig Hdd and a 32-bit Medion computer 4gig ram, 3.5-4GHZ cpu, 1 terabyte Hdd ) .

Re: Trinity Desktop and other things

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Trinity was the best ever KDE. Its updated to be really usable today its such a shame ARch does not support it.
as its still a dam fine desktop. 8)