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walking in nature with bare feet

I read some stuff about this on internet yesterday and that motivated me to try it and today i went to forest and there is massive pond too and i walked without shoes and socks for hours and it does [email protected]@@ I tell you to try it ;P. Go to nature and if there is sand grass or stuff like this walk without any shoes on and it's like having connection with our planet

Re: walking in nature with bare feet

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yes it feels good and is good for your feet and wellbeing. There is  a sandbar not far from where i am which is about 500 to 800 meters long that goes to a small mangrove forest at the end of it i sometimes walk barefoot to when the tide is low.

Re: walking in nature with bare feet

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Yes, many of us have lost touch with mother earth and nature in the detriment of our well-being. A closer contact and awareness of nature would surely be of benefit I believe. :)

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