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[Solved] Using bbswitch on Artix with Runit

Hello everyone,

I'm rocking an nvidia optimus laptop using nvidia-xrun to switch between using my intel and nvidia cards on Artix. Everything works fine, but bbswitch is not found when switching to an nvidia x session. I have installed the bbswitch package, and this is what is installed: bbswitch 0.8-322

On the Arch Linux forums, it says that bbswitch should be located in /proc/acpi/bbswitch, but there is no bbswitch there. In fact, I ran
Code: [Select]
sudo find / -name "bbswitch"
and I didn't find anything. Where would I find this to use with nvidia-xrun?

Thanks for all of your help! 

Re: Using bbswitch on Artix with Runit

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bbswitch is not a command but a kernel module.
to enable run as root
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tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<< ON
to disable (you will probably need to unload nvidia driver from kernel before doing so)
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tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<< OFF
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Re: Using bbswitch on Artix with Runit

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Thank you  @SGOrava, I was able to enable the kernel module and enable it at boot and all is well, AND I learned about kernel modules doing it!  :D