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Good news

Artix is bloody good news!
Thank you so much for the skilled development .
Approximately 4 years ago I got thrown out of arch ( forums and everything) for trying to recompile arch core to avoid Sysd,  and now here we are with a sysd free arch. WOW.
just had a look at the dbus git ( to get an idea where the project is ) and its at the most current version, with compile flags and patched to avoid sysd. NICE!
Also I feel that there is something even better going down.
Back when sysd thing broke, I was arguing that Linux was almost dead at a time when an alternative desktop open OS was badly needed, ( given Ms spyware,  and how proprietary Apple have gotten) sysd put the nail in that coffin.
Artix is making the descisions that maybe can save Linux as a desktop alternative,  especially having the balls to stand against bad upstream descisions, having someone concerned with the overall system , and with the right vision,is essential and badly missing in Linux . Maybe this effort will rectify all that.

Re: Good news

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You are a welcome member Artix is very young information is thin so its a hard learning curve at the moment for normal users to get their heads around. But wow it is worth it in the long run