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Trash can not working on secondary harddrive

Hey guys, so I got my folder shortcuts working & now /home/user/Videos goes to /home/user/Mounted/drive/Videos & the other 4 folders, but I have run into an issue with the trash can. How can I make it so that the trash can works? When I try to delete something it tells me this:

"Some files cannot be moved to trash can because the underlying file systems don't support this operation. Do you want to delete them instead?"

I am using NTFS on my secondary drive because I have dual-boot with Windows on my desktop... Do I have to make it non-NTFS for the trash can to work, or is there a way of making it work on NTFS?

And, is there perhaps a way to make the trash can storage stay on the secondary harddrive & not on my primary SSD?

Update: I have installed the BTRFS driver for Windows, so I have converted my secondary harddrive to BTRFS, but it still doesn't let me put things in the trash before deleting them. What am I missing? I think I have to make a special directory for the trash bin but I don't recall what it was...