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Re: Aarch64 image

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Odroid N2: in general boots and works well but requires specific kernel and u-boot. Mainline u-boot is not detected by SoC and in case of using mainline kernel u-boot reports errors addressing to kernel or device tree.
This kernel does not support any sort of graphical output (even tty) so you have to use serial interface or SSH to work with board.

Re: Aarch64 image / ArtixARM

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I have updated the images: openrc and runit. The set of installed packages and configuration are same as earlier. Don't forget to set proper tty to log in for the first time!
Also, here are instructions to boot Odroid N2 with mainline kernel. By this moment full RAM and ethernet are detected and work properly.

Re: Aarch64 image / ArtixARM

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Thank you for posting this and for all of the work that you have put in to creating these images. I recently retired all of my x86 computers, save my laptop, in favor of Raspberry Pi's. I have several model 3B+ and a model 4 running Arch, and one oddball running a highly modded Lubuntu based image given to me by my brother in law. Systemd has been giving me issues on all of these machines, everything from disks not mounting because they hadn't finished spinning up to lots of networking headaches on the Lubuntu machine (took a while to figure out that ping wasn't working due to Systemd having taken over my DNS).

Anyway, searching for a solution to remove Systemd from Arch is obviously what drove me to investigate Artix in the first place, but I was really hoping to find a starting place to migrate the Arm boards. I know I'll have to put some elbow grease in to get a working image for the PI, but what you have already done might be a great starting point.