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I figured I would post this here; hopefully someone will find it useful: is a fork of aurutils that I have hacked to use artools for chroot support instead of the systemd-dependent devtools.

It is very much a "works for me" style project that I have mashed together in my spare time; I would not be surprised if everything beyond the basic "aur sync/build with chroot" functionality is horribly broken. Feel free to open issues or whatnot.

Re: aurutils-artix

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Ah, I had tried to get aurutils working with Artix several months ago but ran into issues regarding systemd specific commands. Is there any chance you could create an AUR package to make updating this fork easier?

Re: aurutils-artix

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It is pretty much a straight copy of the aurutils-git PKGBUILD with minor tweaks, but I have been using this with no issues.

I have not uploaded it to the AUR, so if anyone wants to do so and be its maintainer, please feel free.