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on etmpfiles and esysusers

As users will have noticed, etmpfiles and esysusers replaced their open* variants.

For the reasons:

I wanted to have an eudev alternative for testing purposes, hence I extracted udev from the systemd source as a standalone package.
While doing the PKGBUILD, I noticed the systemd source features a standalone flag to build tmpfiles and sysusers standalone.
So if udev is build, its a matter of detail to extract these two standalone binaries as well.

That said, opentmpfiles and opensysusers lack some features and are not en par with the systemd ones (yet). 
So artix defaulted for the time being to the two systemd standalone binaries, because they simply work better given we are an arch based distro.
If anyone would like to pick up enhancing both open* variants, feel free to get involved and in touch with the devs.

After reading some reddit, there is a PKGBUILD, it does exist. No storm in tea cups please.

Hope this clears up confusion.